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Customised Digital CCTV Systems

ecso digital cctv system


ecso makes your life simpler. Whether you need a simple CCTV Recording System for 1 camera, to a State-Of-The-Art Central Monitoring Solution for Multiple locations with OFF-SITE recording possibly with remote viewing and users PC content monitoring!

If you have more than one location/building ... No Problem! we can supply and setup a FULL monitoring room for all your locations with centralized recording.


The world is changing, and technology needs to do more than just keep up!
We need to be able to see ... to hear ... to know ...

ECSO CCTV System Diagram
Above diagram is a typical system.

Why choose an ECSO Digital CCTV System ?

  • No more tapes! Never have to worry about changing tapes.
  • Automatic erasing of 30 days + data to comply with the law.
  • See all the cameras at the same time..
  • Record sound from multiple locations .
  • Continues to record even DURING playback!
  • Better quality FULL SCREEN moving image.
  • Watch and listen from anywhere in the world!
  • Records your POS terminal.
  • Connects to your alarm system for added security.
  • Print Out images / stills.
  • Control Pan / Tilt and Zoom cameras.
  • Schedule which camera records at what time.
  • Set to only record when movement is detected in areas.
  • and much much more ... :-)

Every client's needs are different and a suitable system will be offered to meet your requirements.

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