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What is TLM?

The Letting Manager (tlm) is a piece of software that you can run on your computer or multiple computers that will assist you in the process of property lettings and management. Its designed to make your everyday tasks that took hours into tasks that take minutes or even seconds. It will assist you with everything from creating leases, to calculating rent dues to processing Safety Checks and even reconciliation of payments.

Its been around in one for or another as custom software for Housing Associations since 1998. Since then its been moving along slow and steady with regular updates to cover new legistlation. Initially it was only suitable for use in Scotland as it did not comply with English Laws. Over the last year its been undergoing a full redesign from the ground up. Goodbye to the Green/Black screen of old, and instead its got a brand new frontend that compliments microsoft windows(tm). The database enging has also changed to msSQL(tm) for all versions of the software.

Content DividerIts Features

- Unlimited* number of Owners/Landlords
- Unlimited* number of Properties
- Unlimited* number of Tenants
- Unlimited* number of Suppliers
- Unlimited* number of Payment Methods

- Unlimited* members of staff
- Independant Security settings for every member of staff

- Every property can have a seperate bank account for payments
- Appointment Diary system for surveys/viewings and inspections

- Supports Standard Notes and Priority Notes
- Automatically Calculates rent due
- Automatically Caluulates Owners payments
- Supports seperate payments for Tenant rent and Housing Benefit
- Generates letters with only TWO CLICKS!
- Automatically adds a note for letters sent
- Store Insurance and Property Manager/Factor details
- Rent can be calculated Daily, Weekly,Monthly, infact anyway you like!

- Enter repair details for repair managment
- Generate Job Sheets and reports
- Prioritise Repairs
- Charge repairs to tenant, owner, insurance or agency
- Create a repairs bill and charge to account with just two clicks!

- Audit Trails
- Gas and HMO licence renewal reports
- 2 Year Lease Limit Warning reports

- Supports Numbering of keys for extra security
- Print out list of keys and addresses they belong to
- Support for Alarm Codes

* Unlimited is at present

Content DividerThe Letting Manager (TLM)

Main menu

ECSO TLM Screen shot

TLM 2007 is in final Beta stages
Release Date : Multi-User/Single Site version - Tuesday 5th September 2006
Release Date : Multi-User/Multi Site - Thursday 23rd November 2006

email sales@ecso.co.uk for full details


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